Fixie riders in sydney

Is there any rides going on in Sydney? :?
If not is anyone keen to go riding?

(the thread above this one) Saturday morning, 7am Martin Place, be there!

yeh, as ev said, every sat morning, martin place 7am. i just put a post on the regular rides thing.
see you there.

there are three riders in bondai junction.

Is there…?

there was 4 there that one time that the 4 of us went to that pub in bondi junction. maybe he’s thinking of that time? but the numbers are out. the plot thickens…

we are from south korea

and i’ve been here only one week so i don’t know any spot or meetup

we just do some tricks around junction station.q

Welcome mate…are u guys here for holidays??

yeah think i saw you guys in the mall friday night

i was on the gold vivalo

do you ride too, or more tricks?

welcome guys, i work in westfeilds and ride an orange touring looking thing. I’ll keep an eye out for you guys near the station.

I just moved to Sydney too, from melbourne.
I’m interested in doing a few fixed rides, learning my way around town.
i’m living in annadale.
currently riding a gold road frame with red rims.
waiting until i get a job to put my track frame together.

is the wed fix happening this week?

my friend is student and i am just travler.
we do ride and trick both of them

plunkett - the wednesday rides are on every week, just turn up and there’ll be someone there. unless it’s bucketing rain or something.

yjseoul - it was cool to meet you guys at polo, when you get back from melbourne you should come to a wednesday night ride, there are some guys (not me) who do tricks and stuff sometimes.

electrictomato: i was at polo for like 20 mins, i met you one wed night i think, mustnt have recognised you. i was chatting to our korean friends for a bit. they got some nice bikes right there…

i should well be along on wed night.

if anyone’s keen: tomorrow should be a bloody nice day. breakfast ride to la perouse, meeting 7am at martin place. unless hangovers happen, in which case it could be a slow roll to bourke st bakery.

just putting it out there…

Did La Perouse ride happen? I’d be up for it next saturday man!

yep we went out to la perouse.
it was the first time i’d got up in time for the saturday ride and man it was so worth it. really perfect day, i kind of forgot how good mornings are.
super nice guys too, it was just 5 of us, so more relaxed than the wednesday night scrambles through the city.

Hi, Do you ride around Bondi? I have seen a v nice Gold fixie around. Just wondering if it’s you?


I need more posts so I can see the for sale section

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