Fixie Shop/Mechanic Recomandations

Sup 1st Post and need some help with sourcing a good fixie mechanic / shop to help choose parts and build to a track frame i sourced from the salvos.
Prefably Inner Melburn City

Hubs - Forks- Cranksets- All that shit!



Maybe the ‘Wanted’ section at

Saturday rides are good for that too - just ride what you got, have a go on other people’s bikes, chat about your gear and plans… good to get an idea of what’s possible.

Look out for the guy riding a track frame with no hubs, fork or crankset… :stuck_out_tongue:

Matt at Kookie bikes for parts, recomendations, advice and discounts if you buy bulk (he’s linked off the homepage here)
A friend of mine runs a bike project right near the Brunswick outdoor velo pay him a small amount and his workshop is your workshop whenever you need it… oh, advice and a hand if you need it is free.

Happy building


How long do the Saturday rides normally go for? I might try and get along.

Good one Powdah. I know Bill but I haven’t seen him in probably a couple of years. Now I know where to find him.

About as long as a piece of string. That piece of string could be anywhere from a couple of hours to all day…and even night.

You can ride for as long or as little as suits you.

Was Bill not rockin the kazbah at Abbotsford Cycles?


i’m gonna try and get along on saturday!

rock solid

remember to set your alarm on friday night… :wink:

cnr of swanston and eglin, right?


At 7:30am.

You have to be there sharp-ish-like or Snowflake rides off without you… :wink:
Not really.

7:30am real time not Pete time :smiley:

someone had to say it

Yeah Bill works at AC part time

Thanks for the pointers

Only want to put together a budget commuting bike for the city as im a chef and work fucked hours, and sick of paying cab fares home!