Fixie skid demo - crash

There’s no detail in teh blog where these pics came from, but it looks like this dude is flying downhill and pulling quite a skid, and a kid steps out to get a better look or just plain gets too close to the action. Is the fixie dude yelling “get outta the waaaaaay

Next pic, looks like spectacular, catching the dude in mid-flight. Priceless are the facial expressions of the dudes to the right.

Bar-ends on a flat bar fixed gear = fail.

PS: there’s footage of this around somewhere.

It’s old, but it’s classic so +1 for posting again

pretty old, i think the first pic was on the inside cover of the first “cog” mag.

i saw the full sequence of photos somewhere and the kid just runs out onto the road not looking and ka-blamo!


LOL! not seen that before.

Depends on who you are I guess…
Shino (multiple messenger world champ, international alleycat destroyer) ran bar ends on his custom kalavinka for a long time.

I’m not a fan myself… but i’ve known a couple of people find them more functional than normal bullhorns as they dont have the ‘drop’.

I just love Mario in the background in the second pic.

that kid was lucky it wasnt an 18 wheeler

fuck that made me laugh my ass off…

i’m sick

HAHA i think it’s much more epic in the pics! good clean fun

Love the way the kid bounces off the deck in the sloMo