Fixie Trials

Other than backward circles, big skids, monos and riding over park-benchs…what other tricks are there to do? I need to expand the cv…

No handed backward circles.
Sit on the bars backwards and start pedling.
“Dan’s figure eight” (half a figure eight)
Figure eight.
Ride down stairs… backwards.
Pedal pops off gutters.

as an elite trials rider - I highly approve of this thread. I’ll have to get to the local basketball court and try some of these!

  • Joel

you can’t do those now.

A wheelie on a park bench would be interesting?

853…I have the park bench done, with only a dab on the pedals. I can mono, and do drop-offs from curbs. I can put my front wheel up on things, hold it, then turn around and ride off.

backwards circles is need…

Shit…we forgot the best one…THE NO-HANDED TRACKSTAND

You mean the ‘Fabian’

Guy’s copped a pizzling on bikeforums recently.

Did you get the Pog Rhino?
Also, how full was the wagon after your return trip to B.Rev?]

How about adding a soccer shootout - without taking feet off pedals, or hands off bars - use any part of the bike to shoot a soccer (or other) ball at some target - closest is best.

Lots of scope for creative ‘kicks’ !

I developed a new and useless trick the other day. Know those cowboy movies and Zoro where they leap from side to side of the horse, to dodge bullets and look cool? Well, ride along, swing one leg over the top tube so they’re both on the same side, then put the opposite leg to the one you normally would on the pedal and ride. It feels really weird and it can be hard to bend your knees so you don’t look like a complete fool, but it’s kind of fun. It does make stopping a bit of a pain once you get over a certain speed.

Ever seen Nick/primz do that no-hand track-stand roll-the-wheel with his foot trick? I really struggle with that one.

Side-ways bunny hops from a trackstand is another one: the basic idea is to be able to bunny hop sideways up a gutter from a standing start, for those occasions where you end up boxed in by traffic as happens sometimes at that bridge near Fed square.

dudes, ive got THE bike for it… pics soon.

Love it…a fixed proper trials bikes. Seems to defeat the purpose of not using a real track bike, but I still think its pleaty cool…well done, great idea.

No-handed skids are alot easier to watch than do, I have been practising on grass slope near my place…slowly getting there, but its hard!!

PS: grass stains do not come out of clothing easy!! :smiley:

OK OK…have been playing some more, and this one it more of a skill than anything. See how ‘tight’ you can do circles in, not as easy as it sounds. You can ride on a 90 degree angle,and get the rear wheel doing a circle no more than 30cm…pretty cool. Good for balance…

Backwards or forwards?

Forwards I can do ok. It’s a skill you get taught for riding motorcycles - keep your eyes level and look right over your shoulder towards the direction you want to turn.

Never fails.

Funnily enough, I’ve just discovered I can trackstand better if I look down at the front wheel.

Aye, watching the front wheel or something on the ground near it can make track-standing a lot easier but doesn’t help much if you should be paying attention to traffic lights.

I used to look at the ground when track-standing, but have no changed to stare at the lights. Makes it a little harder, but seems to be better to get away from the lights (and pisses less cars off).

Don’t look, feel

Feel the traffic lights?

Well, normally I’d consider myself fairly open minded but a traffic light copping a feel? Well ok, maybe I’ll give it a go.

Feel what?? The soft green glow of the ‘go’ light on my face, or happy feeling deep within my soul telling me that I can now pedal onwards, to the onslaught of cars trying to run over me??