Fixie Wheels - Looking for something Cheap but good suggestions?

Looking for a set of cheap but good fixie wheels in Brisbane.

What should I be looking for in a good fixie wheel?

Will be looking to build up a Colossi frame (Black) will be running a front brake would like to use 105 (or suggest other)


Oh no.

what’s your definition of cheap?

just one get on my fixie bike

The word fixie should be banned,
All will agree.
What’s your budget.

OK I am ne whats the term I should use “fixed speed” ?

Well was looking at about 200 -250 for the wheels

More like

Dude, we went through this the other day. You have to wait a bit before you get access to the for sale section. Don’t just chuck a thread in the Brisbane section because you can’t be bothered waiting. Other mods have already warned you.

I’d keep it calm if you want a answer Brah.

Stretch it to $350 and buy these.

FFS, pay attention.

Don’t post stuff in the Brisbane forum just because you are in Brisbane.

Don’t post asking to buy stuff until you have access to the trading forums (and if/when you do, post it in the trading forums).

If you can’t be fucked listening to what you’re told, you will be banned.