fixies on tv

Newsline, channel 31, sometime this arvo. Features me!

someone plz tape this

at 4pm, or 16:00

I think you totally rode behind the woman in the hi-vis.

Also, ‘fracking’? Really? I can’t take that seriously. All it does is make giggle.

as per usual, blakey is two steps ahead of us all.

its badass

hmmm think i was this as well, was a bit drunk when they filmed us though so it may well have ended up on the cutting room floor.

did you manage to see it brendan?

nah. reckon it was about 3 when i got the text about it, and couldn’t make it happen. i’m looking forward to blakey’s screening party though.

Someone plz upload to YouTube.

I will attempt to youtube this, plus the DDCX from TopBikeTV soon.

Actually, Vimeo it. Much nicer to watch.

Yup, if this is the Simon I know(?) then you’re in it, talkin’ about choosing colour schemes for bikes, hahahaha. Indigo rode past a presenter in one of the other segments too.