fixies too safe for you?

a track racing penny farthing could weigh as little as 7 kg.
they were raced on tracks till the 1920’s.
wheel size was built to match inseam length, maximum gear possible was around 60"
On long downhill stretches it was recommended that riders take their feet off the pedals and hook them over the handlebars, so that in case of a crash they would land (hopefully) on their feet

these guys are going hard.

‘Twas Mulga Bill, from Eaglehawk, that slowly swam ashore:
He said, `I’ve had some narrer shaves and lively rides before;
I’ve rode a wild bull round a yard to win a five pound bet,
But this was the most awful ride that I’ve encountered yet.
I’ll give that two-wheeled outlaw best; it’s shaken all my nerve
To feel it whistle through the air and plunge and buck and swerve.
It’s safe at rest in Dead Man’s Creek, we’ll leave it lying still;
A horse’s back is good enough henceforth for Mulga Bill.’

Time for a horse

I’ve raced a penny from Southport (Gold Coast) to Southbank (Brisbane), ending with a crash in front of TV cameras and a trip to hospital for Brett (the other bloke). Those old-time racers were hardmen.

i just had a look on bikesnobnyc, and i pre-empted his declaration of penny farthings (or p-fars) as the next hipster trend, by a whole 17 days.
any market research companies who want to hire me are welcome to make contact.

at least you wouldn’t have to worry about the cranks hitting.

what are they like to ride? personally i’ve just taken up the unicycle… a friend gave it to me for christmas, and the card exclaimed ‘real men only ride bikes with one of everything (except the pedals).’


if someone loans me one i’ll ride the hour on it. i reckon i could break the 25kph barrier

I have ridden one these holidays while I have been in Scotland, I went to the bike shop cause I was depressed about not having a bike to ride and he was like ride this. I didn’t fall over but tight turns in the carpark were challenging, great fun though, I would kill for one.

Oh jesus no,