who here still rides a track bike on the road

What is this, a forum about fixed gear bikes?

Bah i NEVER rode a track bike on the road :stuck_out_tongue:
Did ride a road bike on the track though, also a touring bike and a bike with an IGH, even a shit box MTB once in leongatha.

Me and sometimes on tubs and nob rakes ftw

I’d still like to… but you guys would make fun of my Tenys.

I do, but only to track training at HSV. Might try build something for summer.

I did yesterday. I ride one at least once a week.

havn’t since last summer (havn’t ridden much really) but put a new one together a fortnight ago in anticipation of rippin skids in the sun with HMC.

Nah not in about a year it has track gearing and I can’t be assed changing it and putting another tyre on
May be I should just get a hipster rear wheel to swap

Why? What have you heard? Is it making a come back?

nobr akes everyday to work and back


I still do at least once a week. But with risers, 48/19 ratio and 25c tyres. So I guess that just makes it a fixxy

Just built up one again recently for the weekends (not allowed to ride one for work due to OHS blah blah bullshit)… Haven’t had a fixie bike going for at least 2 yrs, loving it again.

it’s, flat out, the fucking best.

Yeah, it remains my favorite bike to ride around on

when do you all get the time to portage 6 packs on your other bikes?

You sly dog…

Track bike on sunny days, tarck bike all other times.

Isn’t it against the law to ride a track bike on the road?