Pretty cool site, you can make your own bike porn.
There is a nice and simple gear inch/skid patch calculator too

I feel lucky = teh greatness

Yep, much fun to be had with the “I feel lucky” button.

thanks for putting this one up, hella fun.

Not sure I enjoy this, but cool for testing colour schemes if your head can’t get around it.
I think the pedal i.d. one is a little more fun.

i find that pedal id too much of a shit to use properly, looking at tiny pictures for frames, and the black ones are white and stuff. and the colour range is limited. this one and pedal id couldn’t get the colours of my bike right :\

I agree with Dylan, nice site to use to try out different combos, easy to use to :slight_smile:

Great find, wish I knew about this earlier.

i always wanted to know how many skid patches a one tooth cog would give me