Fixing a 6 speed hub

I have an old 6 speed suzue hub with a suntour winnerpro 6 speed freewheel on it. Two questions:

  1. To fix it, is it just a matter of removing the freewheel and screwing on a track cog with a bb locknut?
  2. To single speed it, can i just screw on a bmx style freewheel?

Will the threads be any problem in either case?


  1. Yes. Although BB locknuts are optional if you’re running brakes.

  2. Also yes. There shouldn’t be an issue with the threads.

But you may need to re-dish your wheel to get the right chainline.


I’m confused. How would redishing fix your chainline? surely it only alters the line of your rim?

The reason beign that when you convert an old road hub the axle either needs to be respaced or the rim pulled slightly toward the non drive side.
It depends on the way you go about. Easier to just respcace the rear axle.

As kind of mentioned below, you normally have to switch some of the spacers that gave clearance for the freewheel from the drive side to the NDS, giving you a ~42mm chainline, which means you then need to redish.

Cashride: What condition/gearing is the 6sp freewheel in? Are you in Melbourne?

Thanks for all the help guys.

Yeah im in melb, the freewheel feels/looks good, not sure of the gearing off the top of my head, but i think Lats has got his eye on it. If anything changes ill let you know.