"Fixing" a Raleigh hybrid bike - FINISHED YAY!

I’ve started converting my old UK-built Raleigh hybrid bike into a fixie. It’s nowhere near finished yet, but I though I’d post a link to my blog so that you can follow along, give advice, gasp in amazement at my pathetic mechanical skills, etc. At least I’m not as clueless as this guy!

Comments and feedback are welcome - for some parts of the bike at least, it’s still not too late!

Some more progress to report:

Part VI of the saga is now up:


Now just waiting for some dry weather so I can ride it… :frowning:

Dry weather is overated. You really won’t need to worry about a lack of traction, as the direct drive actually provides fantastic grip. Rain also makes skidding a hell of a lot easier and awesome fun. I say, bugger the dry weather and go out tomorrow =D

nice job mate, she came out a real treat. enjoy :sunglasses: