fixing old gipiemme hub

I have a gipiemme tecno 416 hub with an 8 speed campy freehub. Is there a way to convert this hub to fixed, or failing that, to a shimano freehub?

If nobody knows the answer to those questions, can anyone at least recommend a bike shop in Brisbane that deal with older components like this? I’ve taken the hub to three shops and nobody can even tell me how to remove the freehub body.

I don’t think it’s possible. Surly ‘fixer’ would be your only bet and I think they’re only for certain hubs. Ridgeways on Stafford Rd is good for knowledge, speak to Paul.

Thanks for the info. A fixxer isn’t going to work with this hub, hopefully Ridgeways can at least find a way to whack a shimano compatible freehub body on there.

SRAM have in the past made some shimano cassettes for campy hubs. I don’t know much about them though

Thanks for that. I’ve gotten my hands on a similar gpm hub with a shimano freehub and have dropped the whole shebang in at Ridgeways, so hopefully it will all go together and I won’t have to buy a freehub from elsewhere.

Shame it won’t be fixed though, although I guess I can easily and cheaply get a set of velocitys.

Just relace it to a Miche 16hole primato pista hub.