Fizik 'Spine Concept'

Yeah dude, Specialized has Dr Andy Pruitt, but Fizik must have Dr Doolittle working in their research lab…

I have one of these saddles. It’s like a carbon Brooks. I don’t really buy into the marketing but it’s damn nice. Now, would I pay $400 ish for it? Hell no. But it’s a huge improvement over the Arione.

It’d not my back, but where my sit bones fit on the saddle that make it comfy.

Finally, a voice of reason!

This debate is fucking stupid. When you sit on a saddle, it’s your lower back strength, as well as your sit bones (as well as hamstrings and a whole host of other whatsits) that dictate how you sit on a bike. It’s like, holistic, ya know.

So Fizik addresses one of these requirements, but not the sit bones, right??

Brooks or GTFO.

End thread.

lol - disappointed I only pulled one bite from that one.

but in all seriousness, they make a “race” saddle that’s 150mm wide… if your arse feels comfortable on that, you should be packing scrums on the front row instead of trying to find the eleastic fatigue limits of carbon fibre

i don’t know, but i think you’re probably thinking about this too much. But maybe I’m thinking too much about your thinking about it too much.

I’m out.

Come on HMC, it’s Friday.

Fair enough…

But for those of us that ride a lot and don’t race i.e. not in the drops for hours on end, at the end of the day it’s about having a comfortable saddle. The Arione killed my arse, but the Aspide fits best of anything I’ve ridden before. They are both quality saddles that cost about the same. As with any marketing hype, take it with a grain of salt.


What about a saddle suggestion for those of us that don’t ride a lot and don’t race?


Ask here… Bicycle Network Forums