flagrant self promotion - i made a blog - bike riding in asia and stuff.

yeah I’m going overseas on thursday, if you follow my instaspam(literally, spam) account you’ll see that i’m taking a bike with me. i made a blog to post pictures and things of cool stuff, places and people i see and meet along the way.

have a look at it every so often if it interests you, and help me get the narcissistic satisfaction that comes with elevated blog views. if it doesn’t interest you that is still cool and i won’t hold it against you too much.

thailand, cambodia, vietnam and a bicycle | pictures and things. also on instagram @asherd91

Good luck!
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Good luck man!

Watching. Would love to do similar!

have fun dude. envious.

More like fragrant. Get it, cos asian cities often smell. Very envy(e) though wowe.

Also, what’s that front rack?? (Not the lowrider)

Yep subscribed too. Looking forward to our holiday :slight_smile:

don’t forget to pack the front half of your bike.

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Have a ball, subscribed

sitting my camera on it for photo fun times

8edit8 i’m hung over as shit. you asked what it is not what it’s for. it’s a nitto m18

legit concern.

So long as you have the back half you can unicycle it right?

you’re packing a spare chainring?!

Different ratios yo. They pack flat.


Followed you on IG, Trip looks good and making me very jealous!

Was setting myself up to do a very similar trip before my daughter came along… Can now live it vicariously through your blog.

One of my most memorable times in thailand was hiring a clunker in sukothai. and riding around 13th century ruins with what started out being one rabid dog, and turned into a pack of about 20 after a few kays. Then being trapped inside a temple by them and having to work out how to walk through them without upsetting them… 1 day later I had a gun pulled on me.

Stay safe and enjoy!

the dogs are lot nicer in cambodia!:stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome stuff, lovely pics … enjoying the posts a lot !!

thanks spirito! i’ve been slack lately but more are up now and moooooooar will come.