Flanders this Sunday 6th April

So I just realised I won’t be around for the Roubaix this year, so thought I might see if anyone is interested in joining me in the backyard to watch Flanders on the big screen?

My plan will be to have a quick nap in the arvo and open up the gates around 11pm. Coverage will kick in at midnight.

I’ve brewed a batch of Belgian Pale Ale specially for this.

In… And excited

What is the coverage? SBS or Eurosport?





^ This!!!

Fekcing lelz

Deckies also sent me this one:

My pleasure

thanks for having us Dan1

Guttered I couldn’t come…

Wife wasn’t felling the best at all…

Thanks for coming around guys, was a great way to end the weekend.

you’re not the only one…

take 2…

can you not edit when using google chrome?