Flat pedals. Why are they so expensive?

I’m looking at getting some flat pedals with straps and cages for commuting.
Is it possible to get a decent setup for less than $200?
$85 for straps? what’s with that? are they like tobacco patches and excrete EPO while you ride?

Am I totally looking in the wrong places or is there just no market for these type of pedals outside track riders and NJS enthusiasts? I’ve given consideration to studded downhill pedals but i really like being able to pull up on them at times.

I am totally over riding on SPD-SL pedals with normal shoes.

shifter dan has new flat pedals in not sure on price, straps from $30 and cages from $30 i think.

he even unbuilt the flat pedals and pulled them apart to get the bodies custom anodized if thats your jam.


You got it right first time.

What about the eighty-five trillion people i see on street fixies i see every day?

yeah, like that vice magazine lookin moron that rode up the back of me at a red light on swanston.
‘but, like… fixie bro…’

Highly recommend MKS Sylans - love em for commuting - the GR9s are the ones with the flatter profile - Dan has both and they worked out pretty cheap, around $45 for the pedals, cages and straps were extra but all up didn’t seen too exey…and they look rolly noice.

Actual pedals are fairly well priced, most of the lower MKS models can be sourced for around $20-25, and the MKS cages were about $13US last time I checked?

However straps are an absolute rip off from what Ive seen, especially with the almighty NJS logo. SPD still defeats it in most ways I reckon.

Sylvans are ok but will wear a nice indent into the bottom of your shoes over time… GR-9 are much more shoe friendly. Plus, I’ve noticed the price of Sylvans at most LBS recently jump from around 45 bones to 65 now… :-o What’s up with that? Must be the increase in demand I guess.

chromeo, what bike are the pedals for? do you need clips and straps?


MKS-GR9s for $40 from Kookie. Rock that shit.

for my fixie. just using it to get about. I was doing 30km of commuting each day with my old job so I had SPD-SLs but now I’m not riding far enough to bother with a change of clothes. I definitely want clips and straps so I can pull up on the pedals like i could with the SPD-SLs

MKS sylvan pedals $23.99
MKS toe clips $10.00
Straps from $5-100+
postage $30

where you ask


Check the vendigo store for exact postage cost.If they over charge they will refund you the difference. I brought alot from them guys for my build.

Are you in Melbourne? Abbotsford cycles have decent leather straps for about $40

yep. I’m in melbourne. I’ll visit Dan and Abbotsford this week.

thanks to all who responded. I knew there had to be a reasonably priced way of doing things!

if its not about the look as much as functionality, i’ve just started using POWER GRIPS and they do a good job. the look different but they are great things. usually $25 or so, screw em on to any of the pedals that have been mentioned here. Theyre made by MRP, which is guess is the company who perfected chain retention systems in the 90s.

i’m using em with MKS Stream.
i guess since theyre narrower than sylvan touring that they might be agood choice for cornering fixed? or maybe these are just called sylvan track in aus… anyway, they do a good job.