flatbar shifter/ deralour qtn.

I have looked here for this, as i am sure i am not the first to ask…
…i have an 8-spd front shifter and want to run a 1x8 set up. can the rear be an 8 or 9 speed rear with a 8sp front?

Cheers all

"can the rear be an 8 or 9 speed rear with a 8sp front? "

This doesn’t make sense. Try again.

8 or 9 speed rear derailleur, with an 8 speed shifter up front?

That’s what I think he means, and if it is, you can run almost any ‘speed’ shimano indexed rear derailleur with any shimano shifter (excluding mid 1990’s Dura Ace and the new Dyna Sys stuff and maybe a few other randoms?) and it should work fine.

for more info:

You want a Shimano 8 speed rear cassette to go with your 8 speed shifter.

A 7 speed cassette will also work as the spacing is the same. It just means that one shift is locked out.

A 9 speed cassette will not work as the spacing is different.

If what i think you mean “can I use the front derailleur that came with the 8 speed rear with a 9 speed rear?” … yes, easy.

ok just read what i posted…my bad glad brendan was at the world championships cause that kinda bad english would piss him off.

I have a 8sp trigger shifter for a winter flatbar setup(1x8) and a 8sp cassette(to match spacing), can i use a nine speed rear der. with that combo?

Thanks for the sheldon link he realy is very good…

Yes. (as long as its not one of the exceptions sheldon mentions)