Flex Hone Needed - Brisbane


Any of you know of a shop in BNE that has a flex hone for removing burrs from seat tubes? Used to be a common shop tool, but I’m new to the area and don’t know too many shops. Suggestions?


you mean like on of these:

any half decent (car) mechanic should have one and they’re not expensive from supa cheap or autobarn or whatever pases for an auto parts stote in BNE.

I have one, but unless you’re willing to pay my airfare up from melbs that’s not much use to you :stuck_out_tongue:

More like this:

I would think any half-decent bike shop would have one as well! Thanks for finding something that would work, I might go check the auto parts stores. Cheers man!

I’ve only ever seen the thing you linked in cylinder bore sizes ~50mm minimum diameter. which wouldn’t fit in a seat tube.
not saying they don’t come smaller, just that the thing i posted does (i have one for just this purpose) cos it’s for brake master cylinders which are typically around 25mm (1") in diameter.

either style should achieve similar results for your purpose
I’ve never asked a bike shop to hone or ream a seat tube so not sure how many will have the tool

PS right click your target image copy the URL then click the little “picture of a tree” button above the post editing window to post images or just wrap [img ] [/img ] tags around the URL but without the spaces there is a thread that explaines it but you’ll have to “use the search function” to find out how to search for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Does this go in a cordless drill?

nah it only works in drills with cords :stuck_out_tongue: Yep goes in pretty much any hand held drill (would go in a drill press too, if your frame will fit below the hone, never tried it like that though as no drill press)

if there is significant burs/deformation/nastyness i sometimes use a file first (to round over the edges of the clamp slot/remove high spots) then follow up with the hone.

it does not replace a proper seat tube reamer (which will make your seat tube nice and round inside and also the appropriate diameter) but it does remove small high spots, corrosion products (rust) and paint