floating sprocket is the new tied & solder .....

phwoarrrr !!! is what I thought when I saw this.

Admittedly I don’t think it does anything and may even detract from the wheels overall strength but it does look pretty cool and not something I’ve seen before !!! Certainly is a novel approach (even though it has a traditional and somewhat forgotten basis) for pairing mismatched spoke count hubs to high spoke rims. Now wish I bought Dubrat’s 24 spoke Suntour hubs and matched them to 36h rims using some worn out cogs drilled to suit.

Bob Freeman from Seattle recently built these up.

Mind = blown.

So would you get much adjustment out of the, er, false spokes?

Well, there’d be no lateral adjustment to the wheel as it’s in the centre, but you could add tension to the rim and also provide some vertical adjustment.

Limited benefits, but mostly looks boss.

This. I can’t see any other reason for build such a wheel.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that. I think it looks awful.

twelve speed!

Agreed, if it serves no functional purpose, makes the wheel weaker, and looks pretentious, why do it?

yeah, damn strait, fuck 12 speed…everone should go back to fixed as it’s stronger than all these silly geared bikes with skinny chains, lightweight tubes and carbon bits!

i’ll see myself out.

If you have an excess of spoke holes in your rims compared to your hubs doing this makes the wheel no weaker and can allow more even tensioning of the rim (Jobst Brant probably has something to say on the topic and possibly an FEA model)

I think i remember seeing some easton? wheelsets which had a central flange for MOAR aero with MOAR spokes similar look but central spokes actually attached to hub

Wheels look dysfunctional and shit, form over function etc…etc…, but that frame looks exquisite. Got a link to more pics that show the whole bike Spiz?

The main reason any one should do any thing,
is because you can.

Is rad, is stupid is useless.

Blakey, it would have vertical adjustment of the rim but,
It would be on both sides of the wheel as the anchor poi t of the spoke is not fixed?
So adjusting a spoke at 12:00 would also affect the rim at 6:00?

Hehe … nobody said anything about functionality. In fact the opposite, which is why I titled this with Tie & Solder which is known to actually offer nothing either … but is just for looks/style/wank factor. The same can be said about Hetchins curly stays/forks, Flying Gate frames, split seat tubes … all of these things we now know don’t work but back in the day people use to get into, really believe in and sell as something better than the norm. From a historical perspective I think this is really, really cool and am glad that others are able to remember and share.

The same era bought us fixed wheel time trial bikes too !!!

The frame is an older one built by Kevin Sayles and he’s still knocking them out to this day. Pics starting from here … from Robert Freeman’s flickr.

DSC02267 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Triple on front would make it 18.

UCI wants to know the benefits and will let their decision be known, along with their final word on disc brakes in the pro peleton, in 2016.

which might possibly still be 12 when you take away all the duplicates and unusable combinations :wink:

A popular search engine doesn’t yield all that much, but another one here: Freddie Grubb with John’s trademark “floating sprocket.” | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Comments are interesting.

Wondering if I could do this with a 32h hub and a 36 hole rim? Unfortunately it’s late in the day and my brain is way past it’s prime to do the required thinking?

It’d look better on a fixed/single speed bike, but the novelty would wear off… Or the wheel would

It could be done, so lace 8 holes miss one, lace 8 miss one and so on?
Spoke lengths would take a bit of calculating,

Ha! I said I’m old … not senile :wink:

Was more thinking whether I should cross the 4 centre spokes or whether that would be too sharp and angle/too much overlap with the sprocket and whether too few spokes in the centre would cause twist or be hard to tension evenly … or if radial would be a better option. The latter would make it a lot easier with regard to spoke length.

Funny that I can’t stand odd spoking patterns (crows foot ect) but something silly like this appeals to me.