fluro wonder

59cm Read Track Frameset | eBay

much to like here: fillet brazed, almost non-existant rake, blindingly bright fluro

urgh… its perfect!.. except the size :frowning:

Just buy a Read.

What’s green and orange and read all over.

I aligned frame --it was about 3mm off.


Seller’s got a ti frame for sale at a low starting price, too.

54cm Giordana Titanium Road Frame 1" Steer Tube | eBay

Bottom Bracket shell has hacksaw channels in it


Surely you could still thread a BB into that, or maybe get one of those threadless ones from VO.

yep, you could then ride it around while waiting for fatigue cracks to develop

I’d ride it, but I’d keep an eye on it. I wonder if some reinforcing could be tigged in around the outside of the shell next to the chainstay between and beyond the two cuts.

Please wear a helmet.

Just wrap a cable tie around it…


that fluro jobbie is badass. How’s the brazing around the seat tube/top tube junction though…

as if you wouldn’t post a photo of that fluro with wheels in it.