Flying Russian

Holy Flying Russians Batman!

I have seen this so many times but never the actual story behind it. Did he land it?

dude should get a BMX if he’s gonna be doin wall rides.


He didn’t land it.

:frowning: now I wish I didn’t know.

Now you’ve gone and spoiled it.

To me, that photo was just like the tattslotto ticket that lies in my wallet unchecked.

Is the black guy who’s done the one that did that mad skid?


i gather he’s referring to this:,6695.0.html

Thanks, I read it a few times and couldn’t work out what he was on about.

i’m only guessing.

surely there could only be one black guy riding track, in the entire world?

I thought Major Taylor was the first and last, or so my “Tarck Cycling for Hipsterz” book tells me…

There’s that French bloke with the big legs, he’s black. And that dude from Barbados with the hair.

oh yeah, the guy with the big legs.

seriously though - don’t forget Nelson Vails!