FOA 3DT road trip.

new thread.

currently i think the plan is this: go up on saturday, race, hit riddell’s creek for showers, head back to church. and so on.

if anyone has spare bedding i’d be happy to hear about it. i really feel the cold, and snuggling HMC isn’t going to be enough.

I have some extra blankets Brendan which i can bring up. Is there room in your car for me, my bike, and blankets?

yes no yes. last i heard sam is going to drive up and take his two bikes and my one. your one bike could also go in the tiger truck, which would free up my car for you, me, our bedding, the copius amounts of speciality food i need, and possibly two other people.

Sounds good, I’ll talk to the hairy legged man.

Out of interest what food will you be taking? I will essentially be copying you.

i can supply someone with a sleeping bag rated to 0 degrees C if needed (could possibly be to -5).

I’m currently following up on whether the hall has heating; I’m pretty certain it does. It’s not an enormous building and should be quite warm with a few of us in there. Nevertheless, my parents would say “Wool. Wool. Wool. Even maintains 80% of it’s warmth when damp!”. Woollen blankets FTW. We’ve got quite a few things spare at home, so anyone with no access to sleeping gear PM me.

I’m considering an overnighter to snap some shots, but not locked in yet.

i’ll be bringing my blender for massive amount of Protein shakes in the morning and dakeries(spelling??) in the evening.
2xsleeping bags
1xwoolen poncho i use for an extra blanket,
shit loadsx warm clothes
protien mix but that was about all for food as i figured we would be able to do shopping in ridelles creek??? or somewhere in the area,

as im vego i was practicly just gonna go vegan for the weekend so i, james and breno can all go in togeher on food and cook together for ease of it all???

justin you cool to take me and my bike up plus all my other shit?

anything impiticular i should bring?? i.e. bottle of scotch???

blakey come!

I’m still undecided whether or not i’ll be staying up for 2, 1 or 0 nights (i’m meant to be house sitting) either way Gene i can give you and your stuff a lift up.

well, that just solved one of my problems. champion.

a spell checker :wink:

i cut him some slack because he’s probably still concussed.

The fall damaged his internal spell check.

Brunwsick website has a little note on preparing for the 3 day tour, good for noobs. Brunswick Cycling Club

I was just going to bring up:
-Bikes & Lemond (anyone on sram/shimano can take it for a whirl)
-As much clothing that I can find
-Garmin charger
-Clip on bars
-Food. Shall we just do a bulk buy of stuff? I don’t mind going vegan for a couple of days to make it easier.

I only have the one gilet, and the Jams currently has it. Is there any chance that if people have lots of spares of gilets/arm warmers etc that they bring them up? Between Gene and myself I am sure that there will be quite a few things forgotten, so if we all bring as much as we can it may be useful!

I will bring what tools i have. I will also bring a spare rear wheel with cassette, in case of broken spokes, cut tyres etc etc. I might also bring my Slayer flag to drape around my shoulders at night.

we should also pool tubes, bring as many as you can.

Good idea - I will do the same re tools, wheel and tubes. Slayer flag is currently at grandma’s unfortunately.

Also there is a cut off time for each race, so it may pay to have a saddle bag with pump (or c02) and tubes and levers, as if you flat you need to fix it and get back on asap so you don’t fall outside the +25% cutoff period.

I was planning on bringing a spare team bike, the plastic fantastic china bike, a space heater, and a bunch of food.

The space heater probably isn’t necessary. I’ve checked and there’s decent heating in the hall so we should be sweet.

I’m getting the impression this weekend is going to be more Masterchef than cycling tour, so I’m going up on Friday to assess the cooking capability of the hall. My understanding is that there’s a functional kitchen, but how well stocked it is with cooking implements is unknown. I’ll confirm the stocks of piping bags and different shaped nozzles on Friday evening.

Don’t forget pipes, so we can have smoke ring competitions. Brendan can judge.

Program is up:

as an unfit trackie, i’m a bit concerned about this time limit… ah well. if i don’t make the cut i’ll act as soigneur for you blokes.