FOA members I miss...

Members I have missed lately, where are you??

JAMS- Someone who always has their finger on the Zeitgeist
Titanium- for his endless Shimano items for sale and unique view on life
DICE- You’re leaving for NZ and your post frequency has been affected- DISAPPOINTED!
Shortsie- The original and best troll
JP- The Privateer
spirito- You’ve been quiet lately, we need more cooking/gardening/Campagnolo tool threads

That is all

I see Kanye has left us, too.

wasnt kanye just banned?

^ Was he? Oops.

nope. he requested his account be deleted.

kanye received a ban, and then requested his account be deleted. he’s still quite miffed if Instagram is anything to go by.

as he wasn’t banned I suspect he still lurks.

hi zac.

I kinda miss ian_human_Xx, could always turn a shit thread into gold.

i miss spuddy. and johnny pubeface, whose username i can’t remember. and wormz, but i saw him in the IGA the other day, and it was rad. and ndf, but i also still see him IRL occasionally. and whatthekoon. and damoh! yeah, been ages since i’ve seen damoh.

perhaps i’ve been on this forum too long.

I am pumped to make your list, HoBu! But I am about as active as I ever have been… I miss noddles for lunch together, though.

For me; ndf, yeharr, roguedub, lats and we need more rhino input in MTB/CX.

members I dont miss. sugarkane. thank feck.

I miss brendans ‘extreme’ moderating, i’m seeing no bite these days.

Also miss angry’s TWBD ride write ups

ahhh SUGARKANE!! Gotta love him

really? why?

I miss him =(

i’m gonna fucking ban the next unclefucker that accuses me of mellowing.

I miss user ‘hamish’. He’s the reason I’m hamishf

Feels forced. You’ve changed man. Giving up racing and selling all your cds has mellowed you out. Are you wearing a tweed jacket with (p)leather patches, listening to abc classic FM right now? I bet you are.

it’s just coz the new car doesn’t have an ipod jack!!!

Ill be honest sugar kayne, he copped a lot of flack for being a weight weenie but the contrast from that to the old steel brigade was interesting

Brendan is the stig?

tomhall…TOMHALL! It was going to be a guaranteed good day when I spotted him on my morning commute.

He does post occasionally.