FOA members I miss...

THIS. Come back ianhuman, start riding a bike again

I miss Dylan. :[

Instagram shows him riding a bike quite a bit, mainly on girlfriend hours instead of Mashing through traffic with a rear disc.

hi! there’s just not as much chit chat going on here any more. i’m more of a reactor than an instigator.
and now fiqzies are dead there’s no new blood to troll.
what is the yoof trend of 2013. stupid skateboards?

The Golden Greek…

I ride with Kanye almost daily, if you want me to pass a message to him. He most certainly does not lurk, and is most certainly getting on with life by continuing to ride the piss out of his bike while giving no fucks.


Dude was something else and I only saw a little bit of his posts which is why I thought to join in the first place … really seemed like not the usual bike forum !!!

The acerbic alexb is quieter of late too.

I miss you all.

just a gday for me thanks rhys

i should probably buy something so he’ll post about how ill be selling it soon.

good news.

guessing that’s why the Hillman isn’t for sale on here Jase? jks jks

That Aaron guy doesn’t post much any more. Probably been banned… I’ll always remember him for this thread on BNA. Where he

ground off the derailleur hanger and the cable lugs and powder coated it matt black
. He then went to the effort of getting Joe Cosgrove to put them all back on. He copped a flaming from spirito in the process.

Who could forget the Shifterbikes bottle cap pic? And Troll-wise…CraigC made Shortsie look bush league (see what I did there?)

And Lupine128
And Rogaine (not the hair stuff)

most members here are on BNA anyway, and theres a bigger market of wa guys there, most of FOA are east coasters.

And yeh, i also got hammered by spizza (deservedly) too when i was ‘restoring’ my swansea =(

I miss me.
I used to be all over the forum, but now I feel totally out of the loop - can only manage to keep up with a few threads, and even then it’s only to take the piss occasionally.

Ah good memories.

^^ You will read books.

Yeah, it’s funny when I occasionally go over there and it’s just the same dudes that are on here!

I kind of miss when I was the young one everyone picked on, I was succeeded by Isaac I think and then ray/oatsy.
Now I feel old, shrivelled and out of touch. Getting up at 5:50am for road rides, committing myself to studying, pestering brakefree for coral growing lessons and haven’t ridden a track bike for almost two years!

or tristan’s saddle sore pic…

Whatthekoon! quiet, considered, humble. no wonder he isn’t around any more.

Also, DaveZan. Still #1 knowledge holder of everything, and not here for many years. Actually, I dont know if he was ever here, but he, tomacropod and I shared a nice time (12 hours, actually) at eastern creek a few years ago racing for FOA (which may have been the first FOA named entry to a race?)

tomacropod, but i get not-quite-my-fill face to face