Foa show and shine bike lend

I’m down in Melbourne this weekend to help out my brother Kumo cycles with the ACBS and staying for another two weeks. Unfortunately space for show bikes took precedence on the drive down. I’m keen to ride to the show and shine tomorrow and get some riding in while im down here. would anyone possiblely have a beater I could borrow? Remuneration in the form of beer and my undying love.
Also any rides happening while I’m down?


What size are you chasing?

About a 54

Grumpypantos I can lend you a bike, PMing you my number now.

Cheers man

The Travesty?


Grumpy’s not going to know what hit him.

Rumor has it you have a bike down there but just cant ride it or show it to any one yet Grumpypants.
I may have seen a photo leaked and love it.

Been shredding round town on the travesty. It really grows on you.
Random question. Anyone know of a bike store in Melbs that stocks giro shoes? I’m having real trouble tracking them down

I know I am a little late, but Avanti Plus have them, I was in the Carnegie store (Fitzroy Cycles).
Find Your Nearest Store | AvantiPlus Online Bike Shop

Awesome! Thanks for that, I’ll check them out today