FOA TdF NIGHT - Sat July 25th

Big thanks to Luke for making a flyer that doesn’t look like it was done by a 4yr old (aka me).

Who’s coming down on Saturday?

I’ll be in for a couple of beers and a pizza once the coverage starts - have a dinner thing before.

TC - I haven’t seen a single stage finish live this tour - this is my last chance.

I’m going to the foody, but I might drop in on the way back.

seeya both there then.

Ace night!
Thanks to Rolly for organising and Marty @ Electron Workshop for the venue. Was a real corker. Good folks, good beards, good beers and good bike racing!

Yep, thanks to everyone that braved the cold & came down for the night. Good little turnout & hopefully kicked a coupla hundred bucks back into the forum, especially after Luke covered the pizzas & therefore turned pizza money into straight up donations. Thanks Luke!!!

Also cheers to Eric (Neanderstaal) & Luke for helping setup, as well as Jelmer & West Toast for helping pack away too.

Good times.

Thanks Roland.

Sorry I had to leave early to go drink pina coladas and get caught in the rain.

Was a good night, got home before the rain came.

Also got a skid request on Johnson St on the way home, but I was on the roadie

Yeah, was a great, even though I fell asleep.

from what I could see, you weren’t the only one!

Those deck chairs are comfy. No reflection on the quality of the night eh.

there’s a reason I stayed standing most the night bud!!


Sorry to miss it. We had a good night here with fire and marshmallows and chats.

bad back? what you on about?

^Just a lame joke about why you were standing all night.

Good on you for getting it organised!

ah I see. nah, it was more the 4:30am bedtime the night before that made me steer clear of the super comfy deckchairs…

Good times - thanks for the pizza donation Luke!

my pleasure. All for a good cause.
Thanks everyone for the heckling or #PaulandPhil and the awesome ad-hoc commentary from the back of the room!