Focale44 bike company

Has anyone bought or ridden one of these?

They look like a bit of fun, nice aesthetic and I’m sure they are pretty strong as they are done by the French BMX company Superstar.

The Relax $999

The Nobel $1049

I personally don’t like the intergrated drops due to the fact that they are not adjustable and I’m not into the shape of them, but I think the intergrated stem/bar combo might work well for the straight bar model.

what are your thoughts?

hell on wheels bmx shop in sydney has them. the guys have set a couple up, they’re ok. I haven’t ridden one, but they look alright. I’m totally not into the integrated stem/bar combo though

yeah i saw them on the Little Black Bike website (BMX shop in Adelaide)

Due to them being Distro’d by KickAss BMX I guess they’ll be in a few BMX stores, My housemate also informs me that they are in BSC (Elizabeth St)

Erik had a few at Gear. They looked great and the spec for price ratio is pretty dam good (sealed hubs, decent cranks, nice frame set). Most people changed the bars on the black one for a basic set of risers but apart from that they’re a great buy for the $$.

I can’t find them on the Little black bike website :?
is it under product- bikes?

yeah, i saw one of these at the BMX shop near the corner of wellington and johnson st (collingwood). looks quiet nice.

was just in the news section/blog

seems more and more BMX compan make fixie~

Ah the old integrated handlebar/stem idea- stupid if you don’t fit the average mold… :expressionless:

integrated stem for the drops is a terrible idea

the risers would be fine with it though i imagine ?

It seems to be terrible, but does it work?

how would it be terrible and not work?
that style of clamping system has been used by thompson and many bmx brands for years. and reduces the chance of hitting your knee (or other bits) on the rear stem bolts.

yes, the fixed position on the drops isn’t the smartest concept as it doesn’t allow for adjustment. but with the flat bar version you can still achieve +/- rise or fall by flipping the setup over.

A lot sleeker and easier on the eye than most of the POS stem/bar combos coming on completes… and hell, if it doesnt work out for you. Just swap over to a new bar/stem setup.

I’m sure you could flog off the combo pretty easily to someone.

they look sick!
would love to know what people who rode it thought

a friend of mine bought a “relax” and I rode it around for about 30 minutes once and thought it was pretty sweet. the plastic saddle isn’t as bad as it looks. all the components seemed to be good quality. smooth spinning drivetrain. i think the sizes go like 53, 55, 57 etc - but i could be wrong.

Dear Focale44,

Why do you insist selling fixed gear bikes with no brakes and no foot retention? Do you hate people?

Love JLN.

Dear JLN,

Why do you insist on not doing your research?
“Pictured without brakes. However, every Relax/Noble is delivered with brakes, freewheel and fixed sprocket. You can choose your riding style.”

Love Sime.


Dear Sime,

Sorry, I was only going by the pictures posted and the bikes I saw in Little Black Bike BMX shop in Adelaide which had no brakes or foot retention. next time I’ll look into it more.

And yes, I hate most people.


Dear Matt Mead,

PWNED would be more fitting.

Thanks and all the best,

matt mead as in jason meads brother

THey also come with some pretty funky lights, reflectors and all sorts of goodies.