Foofy bike owners - Collapsible crate interest?

Beard alert!

Flat racks let you carry pizzas & oversize stuff easily, racks with fences sort of restrain things, baskets hold bags / small items well. Neither does both well, and I like pizza.

These collapse to take a large object / pizza on top, or act as a basket when assembled.

Ziptie it permanently to your rack or just bungee it down and take it into the shops.

The CRESBI ones are pretty sw8 and come in !!colours!!, but shipping from the US means ~$25/regular, $30/colossal crate.

So, if I were to bulk buy some of these blue & yellow ones, anyone want in? $15/ea, pickup in Northcote. Or plus post. Size: 39 x 29 x 21 cm

10 available, running total:
VeloEst 2
Captn commuter 2
Snail 1
Dafrog 1
supermarketoflove 1
dfunkt 1
Horatio maybe

I’d be keen, does it have to be blue and yella?

me too, but blue and yellow !!!

B&Y only.

Unless you want to pay $30 pick a colourful cresbi one.

Spray paint / vinyl dye it!

Ok, ok.

In for blue and yella

Know anyone that works at woolies/safeways? They got 'em in black by the hundreds.

I have these, too wide.

Interested- how much they weigh?

I’ve bought these for $5 in the past at K-Mart. They might have been knock off’s.

Eitherway, they are really handy.

Actually, i’m out.

My glasses rack already carries a pizza

I’ll take one (blue and yellow colourway will be perfect for shopping at ikea)
Like Blakey says the coles/wollies ones are a bit big (have some, haven’t tried on a bike but are super wide)

While Woolworths and Coles both have them, Coles have a smaller(half size ) crate. Then again, I’ve seen similar in 2 Dollar shops.

Good info Nexus/HLC, I haven’t seen them in Foof-approps sizes, but haven’t looked hard. Will investigate offline!

Check your local greengrocer … picked up some smaller collapsible crates that were used to transport lychees from qld

So much foof, uugh.

this sounds like a good idea. I’d be so down for one in black.

I’m in for two if they’re still going…I didn’t do the arithmetic down the thread. Don’t care about colour.

I’ll take one if this party is on

me too.

Had a look. The small ones are ~29x38x12cm, then it jumps to the ~50x38xshallow/mid/deep ones.

The IKEA-way ones are double the depth, more usable as a basket/crate. But not black. (paint!)

As per the list in the first post, I have 8 yes’ and 1 maybe. Ten to a bulk buy, so I’m pretty close to hitting it.