foot slipping out during skids

i have noticed lately that my right foot tend to slip or come off during a skid.

What can I do to stop it from slipping out ?

I have a steel toe clip with double straps. the straps are buckle and tightened properly.

If it’s not a mechanical problem as you have stated, then adjust you technique. Also what is your right foot doing? forcing down or up?

Simple answer > Wear cleats.

Problem solved

I think my foot is up. only happens when im going fast and trying to slow down by skidding.

thought about getting a clipless pedal but at the moment have much $$.

Yeh, I can see the problem: not enough NJS. Get a new bike.

Get brakes

You’ll need cleats, clips, double straps (and quads) like Robert:

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in response to OP, is this a new occurence, or something that’s been a problem since you started using your current setup?
is the sole of your shoe worn out? are your clips big enough?

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That would be my question. Properly sized clips make a big difference.

it’s a large clip, but it feels small though. maybe that’s the problem!

i have a front brake, but i like to skid every now and then.

Lean foward a bit more and put more pressure on your back foot. But it’s hard to see the issue unless I see you doing a skid…

What position are your feet in when doing skids? maybe have your back foot lower, starting the skid earlier?

what shoes do you wear? if they’re chunky, like a nike basketball sneaker or any shoe with a lot of rubber at the toe, then you might need a longer clip.
i wear chuck taylors most of the time and have no trouble skidding in them but if i’m wearing nike AF-1s or adidas shelltoes etc, my foot isn’t far enough into the clip to skid

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when i do a skid i underweight the rear wheel by hopping up a bit and then i use my right foot to pull up the pedal so it parallel with the ground.

Why?, because we aren’t ridiculing him for asking a question about skids?