Footscray Crits are back at Altona!!!!

Footscray cycling club have winter crit racing every 2nd sunday in Altona…e,d,c start at 9.30 and b,A grades at 10.30. Goto for details

*Footscray Cycling Club doesn’t work.

while this is probably spam, i was there this morning and had a fuckton of fun.

so i’m leaving it.

other moderators can chime in if i’m being soft / unfair.

My boss took third in D grade. He was stoked.

Naaa no spam, just a new guy on forums!!

well, i fucking love that course. and i love it even more that you can ride out to it.

i guess as far as first posts go, it’s much better than “yeah, sweet bike!”

You’re gonna be disappointed then.

sigh. i had such hope for this one.

not angry, just dissapointed

Thks Guys. Great start to joining I am stoked you guys are so warming to new people joining. i am really glad i spent 10 mins joining up to get dissed.Brendan I will see you out at the crits.

oh man, if you think that’s our best, you got some tough days ahead…

He was of course the guy in the shop kit?
I thought he was seriously lost when he showed up… not as lost as the guys in the sunbury kit though…

Has Heatseeker given up on flaming people?

Go easy on the newbies

Will looks lost most of the time. He has raced for Footscray for 20 years. He used to live there i believe. You would have heard him before you saw him, what with those deep crabon rims…

dam and i thought i was in the clear… How did you go Brendan did you get up???

Thanks for having my back!


sunday, for me, was a lesson in just how much a month off the bike costs you.


sunday, for me, was a lesson in just how much a month off the bike costs you.

You were strong over summer, I think you even got up a couple of times?