For every dooring on Collins, there is an equal & opposite reaction...

Had to post this one up.
Girl in car pulls into gutter without warning or suggestion on Sydney Road, leaving me to jump the gutter to get away from her or hit her battered front bonnet. After yelling in the cars general direction for her attention, she’s realised what she’s done and mouthed silently from her drivers seat, “SORRY!”.
After managing to stop my heart from beating out of my chest, she pulls up next to me and says sorry once again. I say back that it’s okay, but that she’s simply got to pay more attention.
I pull up to my destination to lock my bike outside and she pulls over about 10 metres ahead. Expecting her to leave her vehicle and speak to me, I take an extra long time locking up my bike out of curiosity and then disappear inside after she seems to be staying put.
Later whilst leaving, I discover this…

There needs to be more people like this in the world.

What’s the gift, a toy sword or something?


Sounds like the girl likes you. Great story!

People - not a bunch of bastards.


thats great

woah a nice motorist, who would have thought?!

That is awesome - what toy weapon did you get?

That’s a good sign! Probably happens a lot less often though which is unfortunate.

A+ result.

Sup Elle?

awesome! Great result!

Faith restored. These are the people that need to be thrown over the news headlines, not the idiots.

Good gear “Bad motorist”. And my vote for #bestfirstpostOTY


defs noob of the month - tho i have my suspicions OP is a long-time lurker…

Is this ‘Elle’ elle?

Me thinks so JDL