For J.K.L.P - Carbon track wheels

For Justin - these would go well with Brendan’s Teschner…only a few hours left though.

Reynolds Carbon Tubular Track Wheels w/ Phil Wood Hubs! | eBay

Stop tempting me Will. Those things are rediculously awesome.

they went fucking cheap too

sealed bearing race wheels, sigh

Nothing but cup and cone, one ball removed, and lubricated with oil forever!

knowing there’s a few k’s between us I can make admission that I love you

currently erect

Keep tempting him, will!

I know that for racing wheels, one ball bearings usually will be removed, but I just can’t understand why. Care to explain?

Cos like how Lance had one ball removed, and he was faster than anyone. Same works for hubs n shit.

some one signature that quote and quick!

Thinking of you … this comes to mind !!

This thread got interesting. See Justin, if you weren’t considering buying the Teschner, this would never have come to fruition.

Justin - just offer him $600 repeatedly for two weeks, than cave to $700.

So have you had yours removed???

Lubricate the 80’s way - with a liberal spray of CRC-56 & spin the excess out with an electric drill. Repeat before each race :wink:

Yep. I’m the king of western Sydney supercommuters.

this^ haha

a little bit of wee came out.