For the dads in the room

School holidays are only a few weeks away

oh yeah!

From the site: “Please Note: These are serious projects and should only be done by responsible adults with appropriate safety precautions.

Responsible adults. FOA. Just saying.

“reckon i can strap this to my top tube and fire it at cars??”

I think I need this. With a four year old daughter I am losing the battle of Matchbox/Scalextric/Hornby to princess shite. This could redress the balance.

Ah shit man, put a stop to the princess malarky. Fucken disney has so much to answer for…

Rocket-Powered Matchbox Cars – Extreme

Hell yeah. I’m gettin this book for me, kids be damned!

I find lego passes gender tests at our place. Rockets would too. Ace.

<3 lego

Already stockpiling lego for when my boy stops putting everything in his mouth.

My boys like rockets, lego & My little Ponies.

Yeah, Lego rules.

I had one big tub of ‘normal’ and on tub of technics.

Gifted the normal tub to my cousin when she was 5ish on the condition that she add to it and pass it on to the next 5yr old in our wider family.

Oh dude, noone should grow up to be a brony.

Have recently introduced Duplo into my daughter’s play time. So far - success.

Duplo is waiting ready to go. We’ve started on good old fashioned wooden blocks, going okay so far. I make awesome towers and he knocks them down. Then he throws blocks at me. It’s awesome.

Duplo is big in the house, currently on cusp of moving to Lego!! Happy with that.

Swuzz Jnr got given a rocket powered by vinegar & bi-carb soda a few years back.
Kept him assumed for a while until we ran out of vinegar & bi-carb soda.
I think the local park has only recently returned to its original condition.

haha i had a friend tell me about this on saturday! sounds… weeeiiiiiiirrrrrdddd

what Tate said

Bronies explained
What is a Brony?


It’s suprisingly huge, they have multiple bronycons/ponycons

Look up dubtrot on youtube.

just because you aren’t into it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.