For the large people.

Perfect for the taller gentleman.

‘Perfect for the taller gentleman.’

who doesn’t care for their wellbeing?

Should read damaged frame needs repair.

rusted through seatstay… take it to Simms.

Wow, I didn’t notice that. I should’ve looked at those photos closer.
My bad.

looks a bit bad in the photo, but might just be the chrome flaking up.

Nah it’s rusted through - which probably means the whole frame is cactus. Shame, it’s a nice looking frame.

I had a look at it, its rusted through which means the rest of the frame is prob no chop either. They could replace the back but by the time you got it done and paid for you could have ought something alot sweeter :wink:

Here’s the response I got from the seller on this matter!

Dear kingsville,

Hey, yeah it’s rusted through on the seat stay, i’ve been riding it
like this with no problem but you could have it replaced for
about $150.