.... for you budding Campy snob's

There’s a partial Chorus Graphite finish groupset from about 1991 on ebay at the moment with a buy-it-now of $500


Not cheap but these Century and Graphite finish kits are quite rare and are now very collectible. I’m pretty sure it’s Chorus with the monoplanar brakes and the later series 8 speed rear derailleur. Cranks are definitely Chorus but I think the inner chainring is either Veloce or Mirage. Shame it has no shifters or brake levers to match and complete the picture but the seller is offering a set of 9 speed Veloce shifters which he claims works fine but I think these can be modded with 8 speed internals if you’re really obsessed. Keep in mind these weren’t offered as complete kits and most ended up on special production bike catalogues or show bikes. It won’t be easy sourcing 8 speed hubs and original cassette’s to get it rolling but any recent 111mm symmetrical Campy cartridge BB will suit the cranks if you can’t find the original style loose ball and cup style BB.

More than anything I’m hoping someone here buys it so I don’t have to :lol:

I’d check with the seller about the crank rub to see how marred they are but black pens cover up a lot. Would be great for a late 80’s or early 90’s Italian frame for those who need to be a little different. Style wise it’s not everybody’s cup of tea but it has lotsa pose value and you can shut up the Delta brake poseur’s by letting them know Chorus Graphite is much rarer. :mrgreen:

hot tip: Campy anodized rims, black cinelli 1A and a San Marco Regal !!!