fork and spacer bit for canti/v brakes

hey all, have converted my fixie/commuter to run on some of the dirt trails i can do on the way home in Perth. Nothing serious, just limestone and a bit of dirt, but hey more fun than bitumen and pavement and new set of skills to work on. I am reasonably happy now that i have a wide flat bar like my mnt bike. I have put 32’s on but still using my road brake and there is next to no room. Want to change to either a v brake or a canti so i can go up to 35 racing ralphs.

Any tips on a fork to use? I have a pretty slack head on my cromo frame which works well IMO for offroad as it is comfy as.

I could also be tempted to go disk as i have a spare disk brake, would just respoke my wheel with a disk hub.

If i was to go canti, where do you get the spacer/hangers from and what are they called? Cant find them online anywhere.

'cross is pretty much nothing over west aus so info is very low. any tips from anyone would be sweet.

Im currently playing with ratio’s and tyre pressure to get a good blend of off and onroad pleasure. So much fun.

Have you thought about using Tektro R556 brakes or a center pull brake (such as Dia Compe mod 750, Gran compe 610, or Paul racer) for extra clearance? Might be an easier solution.

Search “tektro hanger” on ebay and you’ll get lots of results. They’re all over the internet