Fork fouls frame - Integrate headset - Look KX frame

Hey guys, recently purchased a used Look KX frame (2004ish frame) with ambrosio forks.

The issue I have have is the the forks go into the frame too deep, and therefore rub against the frame.

Also, for the top of the headset, the ‘top cap’ rubs against the frame too.

Let the pics do the talking:

The image on the right is from a modern LOOK frame, not how it has the lower and upper ‘ring bearings’ so the fork doesnt foul.

I am unable to find such parts online (help?)…
the only think i have found is .5mm Cane Creek shims for around 20 landed for 10… so 5mm total.
The issue with these shims is that i would prefer not to use like 20 shims in the headset if a better option is available. EDIT: These shims are somewhat irrelevant.


take it to a bike shop

buy a new bike


basically was looking for suggestions, did a long google for 41mm OD washers to no prevail.

Have since bought a 20pack of cane creek 0.5mm shims (not cheap), should hopefully do the job.

is it possible it is missing the cups that hold the bearing inside the frame? semi intergrated styles yo!

Probably this. Most bike shops have a gauge that will tell them both bearing size, angle and if the headtube needs a cup for internal/semi integrated headset.
Or you could measure and check a few websites, CK, FSA, Cane Creek to see what’s what.

no, it is not semi integrated. I have removed and pressed in a number of headsets.

This is fully integrated. It uses a 41mm od 36x45 degree bearing top and bottom, that sits perfectly in the head tube.

Problem is that it sits too deep, hence requires original look spacers (which i am missing).
On top of that, Look forks have a floating crown race. Where as I have aftermarket forks… so even using the original spacer (which would be impossible to find) would no work for the lower part.

I have also looked for 41mm OD washers to no real prevail (found some for a harley motorcycle mod)… so I am going with what looks like the best option, a shit load of .5mm Cane Creek shims… normally you just use one or two to fix minor fouling… but looks like i will use around 8 on the bottom.

just posted to see if anyone else had ideas… sadly no

So I got the cane creek spacers in the mail… but they wont work.

Basically the Outer Diameter of the Cane Creek IS Shims are too narrow, and the Inner Diameter is too narrow too.
Given that the centre of the bearing spins on the crown race I dont get wtf the point of this shim is…

I was expecting the shim to be 41mm OD, so it would go on top of the bearing and hit the outside edge of the bearing.

I am thinking about getting custom washers of 41mm OD and 35ID, but now i am wondering about the tapered nature of the top of the bearing and if it is fine to use on a flat surface/the washer.

Anyone know if integrated headtubes are flat or have a taper for the bearing to sit in?

edit: just worked out that the shim is only for the top bearing as it is reversed.

Just take it to the bloody shop,
They will look at it and go Agghh you need this,
You leave and bike works.

I think you have too much faith in typical bike shops abilities.

Looks like i may need these:

Park Tool Co. » ParkTool Blog » Headset Standards

if you can find them online you are a better man than i.

then i will need spacers for the bottom as I am not using a floating crown race Look fork.
As per the same issue this guy had with the same frame:

i have faith in my bike shop because the mechanic is fucking amazing. shit like this he has probably done a hundred times before, would have everything in stock and do it in 5 mins. guys like this charge a fortune because it has taken them a lifetime to acquire better knowledge than the internet, and it is worth paying for.

find a better bike shop.

Why don’t you just ring LOOK like that guy? Or take some material off your fork? Or go to a bike shop?

who is this mechanic?

If a bike mechanic cant fix a headset leave and go to a good shop.
Im with Alex my two local shops do this shit daily.
Where do you live?


it isnt a ‘simple’ headset issue… it is missing proprietary part issue… and a work around issue to get aftermarket forks working.

Basically, sealed headset bearings have 2 angles on them (IS standard uses 41mm OD 36x45 degree bearings)… the crown race is 36degree, so the inside of the bearing sits on that.

Now the top outside is 45 degree.

Now most ‘integrated’ headsets have this 45degree surface in them. But LOOK headtube surfaces are flat, and come with spacers that are 45degree on one side for the bearing to mate to (as shown in the previous example pic).

Problem is I can’t find these online… i have some pending emails. This from is 9 to 6 year old uncommon frame.

On top of this, a few LOOK HSC forks have a floating crown race, the race does not sit right on the crown. Therefore aftermarket forks go into the headtube too deep because the race is lower, therefore a work around… custom spacers need to be used.

i will goto some stores tomoz for the lols… you guys have gotten my hopes up

Pm tomacropod he is a mech in Canberra if I recall correctly.

also proprietary stuff sucks.

Pm Keith, User Brakefree he will know where is good if tomacropod cant help.
If your real stuck keith has a lathe and can make most things.

yeah, do /\ that too

This is why you buy a TIME.