Fork question.

Would the non-threaded part of a 1" threaded fork be the same strength as a 1" threadless fork? They are the same right, just threaded forks have been threaded.

EDIT: This is such a dumb question, I know.

maybe (only cos it hasn’t had a thread cut into it), but still no. smuggy put a pic up fairly recently of this exact thing. imma go hunt it down.

Prepare to feel the wrath of the Smuglord!

I’m prepared.

I’m just intrigued as to why a 1" threadless fork is stronger than a threaded fork (in the non-threaded section).

EDIT: The picture of the broken steerer is showing that the stem had been clamped on the threaded section, which isn’t exactly what I’m asking.

Doltan is right.

Threaded steerers require heavier wall tube to allow threads to be cut in. Though most 1" threadless forks don’t take advantage of this and use regular steerers. Plus the light ones are harder to get.

So if you have lots of steerer and aren’t clamping on a threaded area, definitely go threadless. Pro / Cane Creek do good headsets.

Thanks. Confirmed what I thought. Just didn’t want to loose my teeth and end up with broken fork in my junk.



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