Fork Threads. Can I tap it longer?

I just go some new forks and the Thread is not the right Size. I have screwed the nut with the top of the Bearing cup right down to the bottom of the thread. Unfortunately it is still to short. There is around a ‘cm’ of play left. So now to my Question.
Is it possible to some how tap the thread longer down my fork? They are just a cheap set from Incomex, if that is any help.
This is my first time on this forum. I have used other forums before such as farkin for MTB things (so i am used to super strict forum rules and ‘flame the noob’) . Let me know if I am doing anything wrong.
Ps. I did a search and could not find anything.

Take it to your local bike shop - the mechanic should have a tool that he can cut some extra thread on it for you.

Might want to ring them first to check they have the magical tool to save you a trip.

It’s totally possible. You use a tool like this one…

…and bang some more threads on there. Any good bike shop should have one; I know Shifterbikes does.

Oh and PS welcome, and we don’t usually start flaming for a week or so :smiley:

Thanks for the replies spud and SuperMaxPower (brilliant name by the way). I will take it up to my LBS tomorrow and if they dont I will take it to shifter bikes, I live in Collingwood so if my LBS doesn’t have one I will bring it down to shifter.
Thanks for the reply’s once again.

You live in Collingwood? Sweet. We’re neighbours!

Ahahaha. Thats genius.

i’m on the hunt for this solution too. been into bentleigh bicycles, and they no longer have the tool. been to cecil walker, and they told me they only had a cleaner, not a cutter, and even if they did, they wouldn’t use it on chrome steerers. plus the cheapest 1 inch headset they had was $70.
i’m gonna have to have a look at removing the chrome, and then see if dan will do it.

I got a 1 inch cutter.
Cyclic flemington.

I already did mine. It worked fine. It just took alot of time and CRC. Just interested, How much would a bike shop charge to do this if i had to do it again?

im having this prob at the moment: dropped my forks off at a bike shop, they cut them down but didnt have the threading tool… took it to the next bike shop, they started to extend the threads and broke their tool… so now i have a fork that the threads are possibly fucked on cos of the broken tool. im a bit pissed off, and theyre 650c forks, not exactly easy to come by. except that i came by another set of 650c forks which i have to get cut… the wheel keeps turning.


Adelaide bike shops don’t understand 1" threaded forks.

Pity you aren’t in Brisbane, I have both 1" and 1 1/8" cutters but don’t lend tools.