fork/tyre clearence

Right Finaly got the frame i have dreamed of but my front wheel (700cc formula hub alex rim w/ conti supersport tyre) when snugly in the tips touches the top of the fork( the fork is track non-drilled) . Help

Do I a.Need a 650cc wheel( how do i tell what should be there)
b. Need a more profile tyre?
cSomething i havent/dont know about.

are you using 700x23c tyres?
some track forks are designed to fit like 19c tyres hence the really tight fit.

Find a tyre thin enough to fit your fork, take into account that some tyres end up a little bigger/smaller than others even if they’re both specified at the same size, depends on the manufacturer.

using a 700/25 conti Ultra sprot,would a 23 make a diff. in the" height’ of the wheelin the forks?

yeah it makes a slight difference.

choice bro ,will give it a burl.

Tyre sizing makes a massive difference. i was running 700x28c’s on my track bike and i had to drop the wheel axel slightly in the fork ends so it would fit. Then had to tighten it up f**kin hard! Worked a treat though.

A “dedicated” track fork will often not have clearance for more than a 22/23 - tyre size is critical with tight clearances.

An option is to have clearance ground out if there is sufficient “meat” in the crown, have a professional do this!

The dodgy gypo strikes again. I’d suggest against doing this. You hit a bump and your axle moves up in the slot… your wheel stops, you go over the bars and you go out for a meal with Mr and Mrs pain. Ow.

worked good n proper gypo…

Funny that i ran my set up like that for how long and no ouchey! Meanwhile you run your set up proper and what happens? I do believe you 100% about what happens when you go over the bars…

Would you like to explain to the good people of this forum how many times you’ve actually stopped off and had that meal with Mr and Mrs pain?

…worked much?

not really,

id rather fall off like bender may or may not have, :stuck_out_tongue:

than fall off cos i couldnt be bothered to fit the correct size tyre to make my bike safe to ride : :wink:

touche’… but i am still standing so :roll:

I’m still standing too but I’ve got a bunch of stories to tell the ladies at the pub and all you’ve got is a beige tri-spoke.

Sorry for the thread hijack.

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I had the same issue with my Europa. Running 700x23 Michelin’s on it and there’s about a millimetre of clearance between the tyre and fork. It doesn’t help that my front wheel is slightly outta true as well. Neither of my bike will fit anything bigger than a 23 on the front and maybe a 28 on the back.

sorted. Got a victtoria 700x20 and alll is sweet, putting a folding tyre on for the first time was an experiece.espicially because i did it in the bathroom while the kids had a bath. also talked into a pair of ‘glow in the dark’ oruy’s. WIKED aLL ROUND. thanks for the tips all… again.

thread revival*

i’ve just put my new b43’s onto my “new” 60’s track frame and am having issues with the front tyre rubbing against the fork. it is too tall.

i’ve currently got 700x23mm vittoria zaffiro pro’s on. the previous owner tells me he had gran compe 700x23mm on when he had it built up. i’ve seen pics and it looks fine.

he suggested that my b43’s might have been the difference as he had campagnolo atlanta’s on his build (slightly out of my price range!!)

so my question is, do you think the wheel is likely to be the issue or is it just a discrepancy between two companies “700x23mm” sizing??? should i get a gran compe 700x23mm and see if that works?

cheers in advance!!


A 700C rim should be a 700C rim. The sizing difference is likely due to the tyres. A 23mm in one company isn’t always a 23mm in another company. Sheldon Brown has a quick read about this.

i have half a mm from tire to fork crown and about the same from tire to down tube…

using 23cc tires thing is the frame is designed for 19-20s…

not unusual for a track frame