Formula cogs?

Ok im only new to the forum and before you flame me for asking a question ive already done a search and the information i needed i could not find.

My question is what is the quality of these cogs like? I have read elsewhere that they have a tendency to strip hubs, even though this may come down to incorrect installation.

Im worried that by installing this cog (i have the formula cog/lockring already) it may damage my new wheelset.

Am i better off investing in a dura-ace cog/lockring or sticking with the formula?

Has anyone been using one of these cogs for a number of km’s?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

bro i have a 16t phil wood cog for sale if you want!!

$50 + postage

used twice on the track!

Sorry mate but i really need a 15t cog, thanks for the offer though

da cogs and lockrings are cheap new wheels are not I would be buying the da stuff myself.

  • Stripped hubs are 98% user error, 2% mechanical failure.

  • Higher quality parts with harder materials and finer tolerances will tend to last longer if you’re repeatedly installing them.

  • If you don’t have the tools and knowledge to install a cog and lockring yourself, find someone who knows how do it properly.

I have all the tools accessible and knowledge to install it etc, im just going to get a dura ace cog and lock ring just to be safe and keep the formula as a spare, thankyou for your replies


cant speak for the cog but I had a couple of formula lockrings and they all got chewed up with the c-spanner when tightening. the metal seemed very soft. i use DA now which have been great, def worth the ~$5 extra to save ~$300 of wheels

just get a phil cog- you’ll never regret it

Dura Ace cog is $15 on Wiggle. Dura Ace lockring is $20 on ebay. Excellent quality and they’ll still be the cheapest parts on your bike. There might be reasons for spending more on Phil or EAI, but there seems to me to be no reason at all to spend less.