Forward components EBB

Fitted one of these new EBB units to Justin’s BMC TE02 single speed racebike on friday. Road version coming soon.

they are fucking sweet, how much?

That’s exactly what I’m after Evan. Keep us posted.

They ended up pricey at $480 a pair landed. Pharking crashing dollar.
Quality is superb. Will be making a couple of small mods and a tool soon.
Check the blog for a fit-up diary.

Excuse my ignorance, but what are these cool looking paper-weights?

Eccentric bottom brackets. For chain tension on vertical dropout frames.
$480 a pair is for 2 sets (2 bikes) not 2 cups.

Eccentric Bottom Bracket Cups so that you can run a frame with vertical drapouts as a single speed and have perfect chain tension at all time by adjusting the position of the BB.

The beauty of this is you dont need a frame with a massive BMX sized BB shell. It can be adapted to any frame and any single speed/fixed wheel set. Brilliant idea.

Sounds cool indeed.
So this BB fits a standard British/Italian shell?
And are there cheaper brands?

English only.
There is another from Trick stuff, not sure of the price. If by cheaper you mean mass produced, no. Small run production from a bunch of guys that did it themselves.
These are in the early days of production. They suit Shimano XT size cranks. Sorry hipsters no square taper version. Truvtiv item is currently being tested.

There’s a similar German kit called Eksentriker (sp??). But that’s around 150 Euros I think, if you can figure out how and where to get it.

AFAIK, these adapters will work only with English BB shells and outboard bearing cranks.

So it’s basically for high end road frame single speed conversions?
So these cups are compatible with current gen Shimano stuff?

And awesome SS Mountain Bike conversions

Why high end? It should work for any English threaded frame with vertical dropouts.

I think the Eksentriker works with any 68mm shell and outboard bearing cranks only.

Well look at the price! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s cheaper than building an ENO wheel :slight_smile:

And it’s transferable to different bikes that use different wheel sizes … unlike an ENO

So would it be possible to produce a square taper version of this EBB down the track?

So what is high end?
In the latest Ride mag there is an Independent Fab bike listed at $17,995 and elsewhere in this forum there is a few trying to get a price drop on a $600 mass production bike with 1 gear.
The bike this has gone on could be built up with new parts for $3k. In the grand scheme not even approaching high end. Sure it’s all subjective but if you pay peanuts you don’t get monkeys you just get a bag full of fucking nuts really. This usually applies across the board on everything. Look at Phill Wood hubs. Look similar to most others but pull them down and you get an Idea why there is a premium price tag on them.
We had an Eno on the back of this race bike but the bolts that hold it together kept braking and the design of the flanges chopped out the back of the frame something horrid. Also when you changed ratio you had to re-align your brake. With an ebb you can use a skewer up back.
Time will tell whether it is up to the job. Has done 1 6hr race since fitted on friday and will be doing most if not all of the endurance races including the 24hr solo nationals so it has to be strong and reliable.

these guys have an insert they use on their frames.

ive seen the bikes and hubs up close. the bikes look nice, but the hubs are really cheaply finished and while cheap i wouldnt take them over formula/velocities (similar price).

i’ve heard really good stories about EBBs for SS riding, but have not heard of anyone really testing them riding fixed on the streets.

Is it really? You still need to add a wheel…with a fixed hub spaced to 130mm assuming it’s for modern road frames?

Hey Evan - what sort of chainline does this setup give with the shimano cranks and external BB?

And if you change ratios, presumably you move the BB position (and therefore crank and pedal centre) around an arc, so you would also need to adjust your saddle height and fore/aft position a little to preserve your saddle/pedal relationship?

Just askin’

Horses for courses of course. I use an eno wheel fixed/free and yes changing ratios means moving brake pads, which is a PITA, but I think having to adjust my saddle position would shit me more. (Also get a tiny bit of slippage with the ENO, which is mildly annoying).

Not criticisms, just observations/questions. No conversion system is going to be perfect.