Found Grey SE draft, Stolen Green Masi Speciale Ltd, MELB

Friend of mine has had his green Masi Speciale Ltd nicked from Kew and replaced with a grey SE Draft (probably stolen from another area).

Haven’t got the most recent of photos of it, but it hasn’t really been changed since he bought it. The white tyres are gone, replaced with a mixed set, red Maxxis Detonator and a Schwalbe of some descript. Grips are now green “jetblack” branded. Other than those changes it’s all pretty stock. Might have a black and gold Cygolite front light on there too. I know they’re fairly common bikes and if they’re not customised it’s harder to find but I haven’t seen another of its colour in melb before.

If anyone sees a dodgy bloke on the green Masi, throw rocks at him or something please.

Also if the SE is yours, lemme know and we’ll have it returned to you/inform the local constabulary (once we turn it in) that you are the owner.

Ignore the Norco. That has not been nicked.