Found - Sky Blue Hillman Roadie

So, my mate sent me an sms saying that he found an abandoned hillman in my size and do I want it.

While the immediate answer was yes, I don’t want to cut anyone’s roadie lunch. Given that I can’t imagine a hillman being abandoned, I am guessing it is either a generic rebranded frame, or it has been stolen. So, if anyone here has lost a hillman one or knows someone who has and can give me accurate details about the bike, it can go home to the original owner. If not I am riding it away into the sunset.


blue with solid black decals?
and not such good parts? white seat, white bar tape?
i know someone that lives in thornbury with this bike who constantly doesnt lock it up, could be it.

Nope - doesn’t fit the description and it wasn’t in Thornbury.

Is your friend actually missing it? And if not tell them to lock it up!

thats cool, i actually cant contact him but i always see it on high street unlocked.
and trust me, i have told him to lock it up.