Frame building apprenticeship !!

Some of you cats who have an inking, the desire and a little bit of youth could do well to consider applying for this. Old master, New Hampshire is a very pretty place in the US (New England) and stuff like this doesn’t come up very often … almost never.

Go for it !!!

Ted Wojcik <> Apr 21 10:39PM

I’m over run with work and could use some help. Also, I’m 65 now and looking forward to working less and passing something on. If you are interested in learning the craft and going forward, let me know.

Ted Wojcik

Ted Wojcik Custom Bicycles

Fuck… wheres the time machine???
I could zap back to when I was 20, and then go back to future(present day) as a 20 year old me and be all over this.
MMMMMMmmmmm, then again I’d have to slap some sense into the drug addled 20 year old me, and convince me this was cool and fun to do, as opposed to drinking, bonging, traveling,motorcycling, chasing girlies… this may be harder than I thought.

Thanks for posting.
Definately a consideration for me. I am looking for a new trade and change of scenery, been thinking Europe.
Only thing holding me back is I have no real interest in the US and don’t really want to live there.

However I will be contacting him and see where I end up. I have several of the skills required already by trade so will help back me a little.

Europe… It’s New England. That place looks just like Europe!


Wow, this is awesome. But apprenticeships suck, do it jeiths wau

I hate yanks but I lived there for 8 years. I made many good friends, I still hate America and it’s all good.

Keep your options open, it’s good to see everything and go everywhere.

You’ll almost never ever see an opening for a one on one apprenticeship and many highly rated current builders jaws dropped when Ted mentioned he was looking to groom a kid in return for a little help.

And as Ezy lee says, New England is cold in winter but beautiful all year round. Ride bikes, make bikes, live a good life.

Not just the fact of not being a fan of yanks.

I recently had some issues with my heart which while I a extremely fit and live healthy I still have to be extra careful in what I consume.
There is alot of things we take for granted in Australia that are overlooked in the US and tough to know of. Things like the use of growth hormones in cows, this is banned in Aust/NZ but is widespread in America. The milk from these cows is a proven issue for people with similar conditions as myself aswell as people with fine hearts. Thats just one example of many.
I still haven’t written it off it is just a concern, at the same tie as contacting Ted I will also be contacting the Pritikin organisation to find out how much a concern this will be for me.

That is some serious stuff. Look into things, there’s some very healthy peep’s in America too … there’s sure to be a way :wink:

This would be so awesome, but given my complete lack of mechanical / engineering / anything to do with framebuilding knowledge I don’t fancy my chances, ha!

If only I could be in New England tonight. Dream come true for some lucky buck!

Its not an issue provided I am smart about what I eat and drink. Just lucky it was discovered early, on my last birthday.

I knocked back medication that I would have had to take the rest of my life to avoid the side effects that go with them choosing the diet option which will do the same but will help prevent serious issues later on unlike the medication which is the cause of other serious problems.

Is this central coast peachey?

Fark I wish I could apply

That is pretty awesome.
I lived in the states for a few years. I know the image of american’s that most australians have is that they are all loud annoying douche bags but they are definitely not all like that. In fact the majority I met are really nice, friendly people that will bend over backwards (or forwards…) to help you.
JUST DO IT. What is a few years out of the many you have left in you when it could change your life forever? DOOOO EEEETTTT

  • the chicks put out more readily than here in Oz (especially when you have an accent) :wink:

Is he interested in finding an apprentice that will carry his name into the future? Also where did this information come from?

Far out, that is tempting even for old-man-me. I love US builders, and he is one of my faves. He seems like a champion too.

Another vote for Americans being legends, and also a vote for whole food stores in the US being a thousand times better (and cheaper) than the rubbish we have here. Bulk, natural food can be had there for peanuts in various co-ops and stuff.

You can earn peanuts, spend peanuts, drink shitty (aka perfect) beer and not get tied up in designer/trendy this and that BS over there.

Word!! I was blown away at the quality and prices of food, and the variety offered at the Park Slope food co-op in Brooklyn, when I was last over there. It’s exceedingly better than anything I’ve ever seen and everybody that’s a member donates their time once a month to stock/work in/operate the store to keep it running.

Sorry boys … the apprenticeship is filled.

I am really interested in talking about food over in the states a little more? New thread or can I carry on here?

maybe keep it goin in your USA road trip thread, plenty of interested crew there?