Frame dead

My friend had his bike locked up on bridge rd and it got kicked in by some wankers after grand final II. the stays are bent well out, with the left side kinked. the rest of the frame seems fine.


Is there anyway to bend or cold forge or whatever it back, cheaply. I know it wouldnt be as strong as the steel has yielded in atleast one seat stay, but its not for serious riding anyway. LBS said they’d have to just cut them off and put new ones on, then repaint etc, so $300 up. So is it just dead?

Bin it…there’s enough Repco’s around to build up another beater.

Agreed. Put up a wanted ad, get cheap frame, transfer bits, $$profit$$

yeah thats what i said. its an old heavy peugeot and he really liked the colours and stickers etc though. ah well
the irony was he’d just bought new wheels and did a wiggle order to do it all up the day before it got kicked in, pretty annoying

my 60’s track frame was bent on one stay just as bad due to some serious bending by drunks. i put the dropout on one brick,and the top of the seat stay on another, and stood on the stay and bounced it back into a somewhat straight shape. rode it for over a year. i think however, that with the bent chainstay as well, it’s not worth risking,

(does he want to get rid of the rear centrepull brake? i am just looking for one now)

you can bend it back yourself, but it won’t be perfectly straight.
either ditch it and get a new frame or attempt to bend it back with a big chunk of wood and use it as a pub beater

There’s an old Park Tool (no longer in catalogue) that I have access to that bends stays back neatly. No, not an FFS - something more . . . mysterious.