Frame ID help please!

Hello everyone,
I have been visiting this forum and drooling over all the nice bikes that are around.
Recently, I have started a new fixed gear build and have now bought most of the parts needed.

One thing I’d like to get help is with identifying my frame.
I bought the frame through gumtree thinking that I was buying some old junk, but when I received it, the frame was quite nice.

I’ve taken few pics of the frame, and if anyone recognise what it is, It would be nice to hear from you.

Only marking that I can identify is that it’s got Vitus steel tubing and Campagnolo dropouts.

Thanks in advance, and safe riding!

Ahhh very nice you are the lucky buyer. All the best with the build.

uhhhhhhhh - Vitus (bicycles) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Thanks for the kind words… :smiley:

Yeah, I can see that the frame is using Vitus tubing, but I don’t think the make of the frame is Vitus. :slight_smile:

What do you base that assumption on? - Bicycle Model

I’ve been looking at Vitus track bikes with google search but they all seem to have aluminium joints with steel tubings joined. I’ve also seen few frames with vitus tubings - like Gitane Track bikes, but I wasn’t able to find any thing like the one I have.
Do you think it’s a Vitus frame? Have you seen anything similar? Thanks!

I have a frame with Zeus stickers all over it and a Zeus2000 fork crown, but I’m pretty sure it’s not a Zeus.

I’ve seen plenty of vitus aluminium / carbon/al frames, but not so much in steel. Not to say they don’t exist, but it could just be vitus tubed and stickered by a nobody.

That’s exactly what I’m thinking. I’m guessing it’s an Australian made frame… It’s not drilled for brakes so I don’t think it’s for general commuting. But anyway, I really like the frame. :smiley:

are you suggesting that there are bikes out there that have stickers on them that may not actually be the correct brand?!?!

I’m 90% sure the brand of this bike is Mystery. It looks very similar to other Mystery bikes I’ve seen before.

Unknown frame is unknown…

FTFY, remember when we had a spate of bates on here allegedly?

So no serial numbers on the bottom bracket shell? Not that they usually help.

Why do you think it is Vitus tubing?

I hope you’re short, because that frame is tiny.

It says it on the frame… but then again, it could be just a sticker.
The frame is small. 49 seat tube, 52 top. I’m a short person (5’6) and I think it’s a good size for me.