Frame ID please?

Can anyone id this Hopkins frame I just picked up???

As much info as possible (tubing, value etc.)


edit: im an idiot.

AFAIK Mr Hopkins is still contactable via ABC Cycles in Liverpool NSW
check the BB shell and fork steerer for matching ID numbers and give them a call

HMC: the fork is backwards in the pics.

edited for being half asleep and dum

looks vaguely familiar, like one dubs used to have? (i know that dosnt really narrow it down lol)

It’s a Kerry Hopkins.

It’s made of steel tubes.

It has a klein inspired paint job and on this screen it looks like its fillet brazed.

He used 853 for this period

it’s made of metal and it’s worth what you paid for it.

Don’t sell him short guys, it’s a pretty rare 50th anniversaries model from unobtanium, I’ll take it off your hands for $1200

You don’t want it Dayne, it’s not backpack-compatible.

But it won’t fit guards so should be ok

Might’ve been on BNA or FB Bike Market. Looks pretty familiar. North Coast collector?

Yeah I once owned it, it is fillet brazed. I sold it in 2014 to a bloke in melbourne.

Have a scroll on this - was a hard rubbish find.