frame modifications and restorations in melb

hey after some advice. recently got my hands on a real old malvern star roadie with some rear track fork ends with bolted on rear stays. been told 50s or 40s. its got a mounting for a fender/mudguard off the rear stays which is broken. iv been thinking of getting it replaced with a mount for rear brake instead of a straight repair.
A friend suggested grip or paconi. any other suggestions? should i add the rear mount at all?

I’m guessing this is maybe a 2 star? How many stars does it have on the headtube?

I don’t have a feel for the cost of frame repairs but 2 stars don’t really command a large price tag unless completely restored. I’ve owned a couple and they didn’t cost much to buy / sell. Maybe look out on ebay for a donor bike you can pinch the rear stays off?

Also, if you’re planning to make it into a fixed bike you should be aware that it will have mahoosive clearances as it was probably designed for 28" wheels.

In summary, don’t blow loads of cash on it.

brazing in a brake bridge isn’t a big job but painting the frame up after could cost more than it’s worth. Paconi could certainly do it but as xcx says it’d be wise to make sure that the frame is worth it

yer its only a two star. might looking into brazing the rear mount. then doing the paint myself, really dont want to spend that much for a first time resto. thanks for the heads up on the clearances, iv managed to fit a 27 with long dropouts (just).
Thanks for the advice guys, il try to keep it cheap.