Frame Painter - Suggestions?


Im looking at getting my frame sandblasted and painted.

Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced and reputable paint shop or frame builder in Melbourne?


Paconi, and I don’t even live in Melbourne.

Thanks man, I know Paconi

Just looking for a few other options

Have a crack yourself, if you don’t like it after riding it or you fuck it up badlythen take it to Paconi or Cog Cafe.

Matt Eberle did one for me a couple of years ago. Sweet, blue candy acrylic over black metallic. Was lower cost than a Paconi job.

If it’s for a knockabout/workhorse try A-Class powdercoaters in Moorabbin.

I wouldnt touch paconi with a 10 foot pole. Ive seen some really shit paint jobs from them. Matt doesnt paint anymore as far as i know.

Cog Cafe do great paintjobs and are very reasonable. Also Damien is a really nice guy, highly recommend

and they’re rude cunts.

that too.

+1 on A Class:

They did this job for me, was very happy -

Under 100 including sandblasting and the 2 different colours, they knew what to tape up as well, and they offer to grind off any bosses.

But if you are not after a powdercoat then don’t go there.